Dessert Jungle Jammers

Craving for ice cream and an adrenaline rush? Dessert Jungle Jammers will indulge your ultimate dessert appetite! Simultaneously guide 2-5 hyper animals to collect as many ice cream treats as possible while hopping over hungry alligators! Try to outlast your competitors! Get your running shoes on and jam like there’s no tomorrow!

WARNING: Ultra addictive gameplay. Requires quick fingers, sharp vision, and extreme focus.

* Heart-racing multiplayer action
* Endless brain-teasing gameplay
* 4 yummy game modes
* Cute & wacky characters
* Catchy music
* All-you-can eat ice cream treats
* Game results sharing on social networks
* Awesome graphics
* Fun for everyone
* 100% Free to play, DOWNLOAD NOW!

You’re definitely in for a treat!

We appreciate all of your support!